Monday, February 06, 2006

Solving the search problem !!!

I lately came across a cool application called pinkou ( more famous with the motto "Document to Document Search". Underlying idea is keyword extraction from the document using some technique and putting back the keywords into the search engine. The pinkou is a great approach to finding similar documents.

Say, you have a document (say, a patent) or an article or a piece of information and you want to read more on the similar information. You want more of it. And then you try to play with the keywords relentlessly for couple of minutes and hours and come down to the conclusion that you cannot find similar thoughts, articles or documents and that you have exhasuted the web :)

This had happened to me many a times. And now suddenly when playing with pinkou, I realized that I was wrong. There were many artifcles, pieces that were burried deep in the web. And the essence of the document that comes out using keyword extraction technique REALLY is often counter-intutive. Something that is less likely for you to be entered. And then the results are simply stupendous. You find so much of web telling you what is similar to what you want to read. And this becomes a great utility. Immediately I am addicted to the application. Surely, this has solved a great problem of the web that existed till now for people like me. To find more of what I already have. More of what I already like.

This approach has not only given the context for the search, but has proven to provide a utility that gives you keyword with the help of which you can find something similar. You can add, edit and remove keywords to play with your search. And then the idea is simple. If you know something, like something, you can browse more on similar tracks. Find more relevant information, relevant to the document that you have put in.

Really a cool thing!!!


Blogger sudeep goyal said...

wow...its the next best thing after google!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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